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the chop spot


The Chop Spot is Washington, DC's premier Nigerian catering service. Our extensive menu proudly reflects the full diversity of Nigeria's famous cuisine. From the spicy suya of the Hausas down to the rich buka stew of the Yorubas over to the fiery pepper soup of the Igbos, every dish is made with such delectable authenticity you'll swear you're back in Nigeria - or there for the first time! 

Like most of the world's great cultures, Nigerian culture is easily accessed and appreciated through its food. The Chop Spot recognizes this and holds it as the highest privilege to be able to promote Nigerian culture with our cooking. With tradition and heritage seasoning every dish, you'll get a genuine taste of the best Nigeria has to offer with every bite! 


So, whether you are planning an important event, are feeling nostalgic for the Mother Land, want to try something new and exciting, or are just downright famished, The Chop Spot is exactly what you are looking for! 


Come reward your belly at The Chop Spot! 

Food is Culture